Wednesday, March 10, 2010

S-100 Camcopter UAV

S-100 Camcopter UAV by Franz Pfluegl/Schiebel.

S-100 Camcopter UAV

Class: Hovercraft

Habitat: Warships, borders, forest fires, mob scenes

Behavior: Made by Austrian electronics manufacturer Schiebel, the helicopter can take off and land autonomously from a half-sized helipad and fly for six hours with a 75-pound payload at 120 knots. Fitted with its standard infrared and daytime cameras, it can hover at up to 18,000 feet and watch anything from troop movements to illegal border crossings to spreading forest fires.

Notable Feature: Separate controls for the vehicle and the cameras or payload allow for complex missions, such as deploying tear gas over a crowd.

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