Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Moroccan C-130 military plane crashed near Guelmim

A plane crash in southern Morocco killed 78 people Tuesday, the state news agency reported.
The Moroccan C-130 military plane crashed in the southern part of the country, state-run Agence Maghreb Arabe Presse reported.

The aircraft, belonging to Morocco's Royal Armed Forces, crashed into a mountain as it attempted to land at a military airport about eight kilometers (five miles) away, the news agency said.

Three people were hurt.

The plane was flying from Agadir to Al-dakhla and was carrying 81 people -- 60 military, 12 civilians and nine crew members, Agence Maghreb Arabe Presse reported, citing a military statement.

The plane crashed at 9 a.m. (4 a.m. ET), 10 kilometers away from the city of Guelmim, the statement said.

Local news agency Lakome.com, citing sources with knowledge of the event, said rescue efforts were ongoing.

Ali Anozla, managing editor of Lakome, said local sources told him the cause of the crash was bad weather.

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